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We are TRICOLOR, renowned as a Team of dedicated enthusiasts, who are Creative to the Core and evenly competent in our Professional Expertise. We win Wars for our clients on the battlefield of competition, with our distinct Marketing and Promotional Strategies that are never bound to turn up as extinct.

Focussed Professional Team

We are a team of like-minded Professionals with a comprehensive experience in the segment. We own our works completely and achieve success in all our executions with complete collaboration from our associates

Custom-Suited Solutions

We are completely aware that every Brand and its associated Product / Services are unique. Every Product needs a distinct approach while planning the strategies for Marketing and Promotions. We are experts in this trait, who excel not just in the understanding, but very much in the execution as well.

Infinite Options

We work incessantly to provide our clients with multiple options to suit their varied Promotional requirements. We prefer to perform as a One-stop Shop for our clients, who could entrust their concerns on us and relax, while we work meticulously in converting their Event WOEs to WOWs.

Targeted Approach

Irrespective of the medium or channel we work, we ensure that our Promotions advocate for the Brands aggressively with a targeted approach to the potential audiences, who are most likely to respond to the promotions faster, resulting in enhanced business conversion

Flawless Execution

While, we are all ears, when it comes to understanding the requirements of our clients, we have our eyes on every detail, while executing the plans to perfection and ensuring that our client’s expectations are exceeded flawlessly


We are ALL EARS when it comes to understanding your requirements for Promoting your Brand, Marketing your Products or Services. When it comes to Execution, we have our EYES on every detail. An uncompromised approach towards Quality is what we stand for and we are hence habitual in engraving our SUCCESS Mark in every activity that we embark At whatever stage your BUSINESS may be; Whether as a CONCEPT or an IDEA which needs Brand Positioning As a STARTUP Business which needs Mass Promotions Or as an Established Traditional Business / Time-honored Brand which needs Targeted Promotions with a Modern Marketing approach.

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